MCV4U – February 4, 2016

Today was an introduction to the course.  The students were given their course outline at the start of the class.  We discussed the topics the students would be covering throughout this semester.  We also discussed the late/missing assignment policies for London District Catholic School board.

After going over the course outline and late/missing assignment policies, I then told the students we would be having a short diagnostic test.  This test will be marked and given back to the students tomorrow (Feb 5) to be signed by their parents (unless they are 18).

Once the students finished their diagnostic test, I then gave the students a handout titled “MCV4U – Understanding Limits (Day 1)”.  I introduced the concept of limits and we talked about some of the examples on the worksheet.  I told the students that they were responsible for going through the remainder of the questions from the worksheet that we didn’t cover in class.  I also assigned pages 24 & 25 from the textbook (the readings and not investigations A & B).

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

MCV4U Course Outline (handout)

Late – Missing Assignment Policy (LDCSB) (handout)

MCV4U – Understanding Limits (Day 1) (Handout) (Koch Snowflake) (Sierpiski Carpet) (Menger Sponge)

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