MCV4U – February 8, 2016

I began the class today by telling the students that I would be continuing with our lesson on limits from Friday’s class (there were still some topics left to cover).  I then gave the students a handout titled “MCV4U – Limits Day 3 (blank)”.  I told the students that there were some things from the handout I would just be going over and that they would not have to fill anything in.  For the examples that required students to fill things in, we filled them in together as a class using both the black board and the digital projector.  Once we finished the lesson, I then told the students to work on the homework I assigned for today (Read page 26 Investigate C & Read Pg 28 Ex. 2 & do worksheet questions #1 to 8).  Students are encouraged to email me if they have any questions from the homework ahead of time (

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

MCV4U – Limits Day 3 (blank) (handout)

MCV4U – Limits Day 3 (filled-in answers) (I took pictures of the solutions for the examples we did in today’s note.)

Limits Worksheet (#1 to 8) (The students are to complete all of the questions from this worksheet for homework.)

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