TEJ3M/TEJ4M – February 16, 2016

I began the class today by mentioning to the students that I would be showing the them a few videos today related to am important topic related to technology which is called “e-waste (electronic waste)”.  The first video I showed them was from YouTube and was called “The Story of Electronics (2010)”.  Here is the link to this video:

After showing this short video, I then gave the students a handout titled “Ghana A Digital Dumping Ground (Video & Worksheet)” which they were to fill in while they watched a video from PBS Frontline.  Here is a link to the video I showed them titled “Ghana A Digital Dumping Ground”:


After showing the video, I asked the students to put their names on their sheets and hand them in to be marked for completion.  I then told the students about the next activity.  The students were given 2 handouts.  The first handout contained detailed instructions about how to create a pencil sharpener using a recycled computer mouse.  The second handout was a template of the top and side views of a 2 button mouse.  I told the students that their job today would be to sketch out what they wanted put on their recycled mouse using a paper copy I gave them.  Once I approve the sketch, the students can make a more solid drawing using Adobe photoshop.  The sketch and the Photoshop drawing are to be submitted to be before the students begin to paint their drawings on the actual mouse.  There is no due date for this activity just yet.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

List of students not completed assignments (update) (This is the list of assignments not completed by students.)

Feb 16 – Ghana A Digital Dumping Ground (Video & Worksheet) (blank worksheet)

Feb 16 – TEJ3M & TEJ4M – Mouse Pencil Sharpener (These are instructions for the pencil sharpener assignment.)

Feb 16– TEJ3M & TEJ4M – Mouse Drawing (This is a .pdf file of the mouse drawing that students can print out and sketch their design on.)

Feb 16 – Sample Student Mouse Drawing Using Adobe Photoshop (These are some sample Photoshop drawing done by past students.)

Below is a .jpeg image of the mouse drawing the students can import into Adobe Photoshop.

Mar 27 - TEJ3M - Mouse Drawing

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