TEJ3M/TEJ4M – February 22, 2016

I began the class today by mentioning to the students that I would be picking up the mice later today so hopefully we would have them by tomorrow for class.  The mice are related to the e-waste activity I started last week where the students will be making pencil sharpeners out of old ball mice (see Feb 17 blog posting for further details).

After talking to the students, I told them to continue to work on with their partners on their Computer Architecture Assignment/Report.  There are some students that have taken apart their computers, got the information they needed and taken their pictures and have begun to put their computers back together.  The students are to test their computers first to make sure everything is in working order (E.g. it starts, loads BIOS…etc).  If this it does not start, the students are to trouble shoot their computer and trace back their steps until they can get their computer to run.  Once they have it up and running, they are to get a Windows XP Pro disk from me so they can install it on their computer.  I will post step by step instructions below so the students can follow them.  Students are also responsible for installing any missing drivers manually (if necessary) on their computers.  I also mentioned to the students that I would post a video about network topologies below for them to watch when they have a chance.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

List of students not completed assignments (update) (This is the list of assignments not completed by students.)

Feb 18 – TEJ3M & TEJ4M – Computer Architecture Report Assignment (These are the instructions and rubric for the report.)

Feb 18 – TEJ3M & TEJ4M – Computer Architecture Report Template (This is the template the students are to use to complete their report.)

Feb 19 – TEJ3M & TEJ4M – Computer Architecture Report Sample (I showed this sample to the students at the start of class last week so the students were aware of the expectations for the report.)

Installing Windows XP Pro step by step (Step by step instructions, with pictures, for installing Windows XP Pro.)

Dell Product Support (The students can go to this site to download the drivers if they need to install them for their computers.)

Manually installing drivers for Windows XP Pro (This is a short guide so the students can understand how they can install any drivers for their computer.)

Network Topologies (I want the students to watch this video when they have a chance about the various network topologies.)

How to build a computer in 30 minutes (This is a short video on YouTube by Gaming PC showing step by step how to put together a computer in 30 minutes.  I asked the students to watch this on their own when they have a chance.)

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