MCV4U – February 25, 2016

I began the class today by telling the students that I would be doing a lesson today on the product rule.  I then gave the students a handout titled “MCV4U – The Product Rule”.  I told the students that there were some things from the handout I would just be going over and that they would not have to fill anything in (I suggested they highlight important concepts).  For the examples that required students to fill things in, I put it up on the digital projector and then I went over the examples using the projector and the black board.  Once we finished the lesson, I then told the students to work on the homework I assigned for today (Pg 84 #13, 14, 16, 17, 20 to 22, 24a & Pg 93 #1 to 5 & Pg 118 #7, 8(ab), 9, 10).  Students are encouraged to email me if they have any questions from the homework ahead of time (

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

MCV4U – The Product Rule (blank) (handout)

MCV4U – The Product Rule (filled-in) (I put up the answers to the examples using the black board and digital projector.  One of the students also helped me put some up his answer and then we went over the questions as a class.)

Equations of Tangent Lines and Normal Lines Through a Contact Point (I went over this sheet with the students on how to find the equation of a tangent and normal line when given a common contact point.)

Product Rule Proof (This resource shows the proof for the product rule which we went over in class.  This is related to the lesson we did today.)

When are functions not differentiable (Resource) (I went over this handout at the start of class today.  This related to the reading from the textbook on pages 55 to 57 the students were to do last week on non-differentiable functions.  Students were assigned page 59 #7.)

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