TEJ3M/TEJ4M – February 29, 2016

I began the class today by reminding the students that their computer architecture report is due today by the end of the period.  I also reminded the students that there only needs to be 1 report submitted for each group and it will go towards their mark for this project.

After talking to the students about the report, I then told them to continue to work on with their partners on their Computer Architecture Assignment/Report.  Once they were finished installing Windows XP, they are to look for on the internet, any software drivers they need for hardware that has not been installed (I showed them how to do this on the digital projector).  Once the students have all of their drivers installed, they are to log on to the internet and then install the following software programs on their computer:

Microsoft Office 2016, AVG Free Edition, Super-Anti Spyware and Pedal Power (LAN party game)

Once the students have finished installing all of the software listed above, the students were given a video to watch first and a handout to look over, showing the steps on how to make a RJ45 network cable.  The students were given a their own network cable to work on, which they will be able to take home once they are completed.  I will be marking this task on a pass/fail basis.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

List of students not completed assignments (update) (This is the list of assignments not completed by students.)

Install Microsoft Office for Free 2016 Instructions (These are the instructions that students can use to download Office 2016 to their computers for free.  Each student is allowed to install Office 2016 on 5 computers.)

LDCSB Website (From home, click on the “Students” tab, then scroll down to “Student Email”.  To login, the username is “345345@365.ldcsb.on.ca” [345345 is an example of the pupil number] and password is the same one you would use to log on to the computers as school.)

AVG Free Edition download (Here is the link to site where the students can download AVG free edition.)

Super-anti Spyware Free Edition (Here is the link to site where the students can download Super-anti Spyware free edition.)

Pedal Power (LAN party game) (I asked the students to download this game to their computers so we can eventually try to connect the computers to create a LAN party.)

Dell Product Support (The students can go to this site to download the drivers if they need to install them for their computers.)

Feb 18 – TEJ3M & TEJ4M – Computer Architecture Report Assignment (These are the instructions and rubric for the report.  The report is due Feb 29, 2016.)

Feb 18 – TEJ3M & TEJ4M – Computer Architecture Report Template (This is the template the students are to use to complete their report.  The report is due Feb 29, 2016.)

Feb 19 – TEJ3M & TEJ4M – Computer Architecture Report Sample (I showed this sample to the students at the start of class last week so the students were aware of the expectations for the report.  The report is due Feb 29, 2016.)

TEJ3M TEJ4M – How to Make an Ethernet Cable (This document shows the students step by step how to make their own RJ45 network cable.  The students will be doing this activity in class once they have finished their architecture report and installing all of the software listed above.)

How to Make RJ45 Patch Cables – Cat 5E & Cat 6 (This is a short 12 minute YouTube video, it explains how to make your own RJ45 Cat 5E or Cat 6 network cable.)

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