TEJ3M/TEJ4M – March 11, 2016

The students were to continue with the mouse pencil sharpener activity that they started a few days ago.  I mentioned to the students that today would be the last day they would be able to work on their mice so they needed to use their time wisely to finish up with their mice.  I handed back the drawings the students did for the students to transfer on to their actual mice.

While the students were working on their mice, I told them I would put on for them titled “The Digital Nation”.  The video was made by PBS in February 2010 and it talks about how we are as a society with respect to the digital world (Ex/students multitasking – surfing the net, on Facebook and doing homework at the same time). Have a safe and happy March Break!

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

List of students not completed assignments (update) (This is the list of assignments not completed by students.)

PBS Digital Nation (2010) (I showed the students this video in the background while they were finishing off their mice today in class.)

These links are for the mouse pencil sharpener assignment:

Feb 16 – TEJ3M & TEJ4M – Mouse Pencil Sharpener (These are instructions for the pencil sharpener assignment.)

Feb 16– TEJ3M & TEJ4M – Mouse Drawing (This is a .pdf file of the mouse drawing that students can print out and sketch their design on.)

Feb 16 – Sample Student Mouse Drawing Using Adobe Photoshop (These are some sample Photoshop drawing done by past students.)

Below is a .jpeg image of the mouse drawing the students can import into Adobe Photoshop.

Mar 27 - TEJ3M - Mouse Drawing

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