TEJ3M/TEJ4M – March 24, 2016


The grade 11’s (TEJ3M) will continue to work on their lego minstorm robots when they return to class on Tue Mar 29 (see the Mar 23 blog posting for further details).

The grade 12’s (TEJ4M) will be working on the next activity which will be to network two computers together using Windows XP when they return to class on Tue Mar 29.  The students are to first make a crossover cable and then follow the steps listed in the link below to connect 2 computers.  The students are to then try to run the multiplayer game they were to install called “Pedal Power”.  The students should be able to play a multi-player game against each other once the two computers are connected.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Grade 11 (TEJ3M):

Mar 21 – TEJ3M – Lego NXT robots using NXC tutorial – Part 1 (this is the coding examples for the “Bricx Command Centre” software – The TEJ3M students only.)

Mar 21 – TEJ3M – Express Bot Driving Base – Step By Step (instructions for building their first robot – the TEJ3M students only.)

First Track for Lego Mindstorm Robotics (The students have to code their bot so it goes around this track 1 time.  Once they have done this, they they have to do it 2 times continuously.  I will take video of this for a completion mark – TEJ3M students only)

Grade 12 (TEJ4M):

Crossover Cable Pairings (Each pair of students are to make 1 crossover cable using the bulk cable I purchased for the class.  The students can follow either of these pairings to make the cable needed to connect 2 computers.)

Setting up a simple LAN without a router (The steps on this site will help the students connect 2 computers together without using a router and just using a simple crossover cable.  The steps are shown using Windows Vista & 7 but the students should be able to apply it to the computers they have Windows XP installed on them.)

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