TEJ3M/TEJ4M – April 21, 2016

The grade 11’s (TEJ3M) will continue to work on their Lego minstorm robots again today.  There were a number of students yesterday that were having difficulties completing the course so the students asked me if they could have a few more days, so I had said they could have until Fri Apr 22 to have everything completed.   The students will need to read through the pdf  files “Tutorial Part 2” and “Tutorial Part 3” to help them create code for their second and final track.  This will count as their culminating for this unit in Lego robotics.  I posted an image of second track below.   Students will be recorded regardless if the run is successful or not.  The students are to submit their completed commented code.  Once the students are finished everything, I would like them to work on the worksheet titled “Binary to Decimal & Decimal to Binary Conversions Worksheet”.  I have posted 2 wiki links below to help the students learn independently how to convert binary to decimal and vice versa.

The grade 12’s (TEJ4M) will be working on with the breadboards & arduino boards again today.  The students are to go to the link below for the instructions on how to do a countdown using a 7 segment LED and an arduino.  I mentioned to the students that today would be the last day to complete this assignment.  Students are to call me over once they have completed this so I can take a video of their completed circuit.  Once the students are completed the arduino countdown activity, I would like the to first read the pdf document titled “Basic Logic Gates” listed below.  The students are to then read the pdf document titled “Basic Logic Gates (continued)” also listed below.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Grade 11 (TEJ3M):

Second Track Using all 3 sensors (culminating) (The students have until Fri Apr 22 to work with this track.  They are to submit their commented code to the hand-in folder and I will take a video of a run successful or not.)

Apr 20 – Binary to Decimal & Decimal to Binary Conversions Worksheet (blank copy) – (The students are to work on this sheet once they are finished everything.)

The 2 links below are related to Binary/Decimal Conversions needed for the worksheet listed above:



Grade 12 (TEJ4M):

7 Segment LED Configuration (The students can go to this link to help them connect their 7 segment LED to their breadboard.  I will take a picture once they have completed this.)

Arduino & 7 segment Display Countdown (Step by step instructions for doing a countdown using an arduino & a 7 segment LED display.)

Apr 20 – Lesson – Basic Logic Gates (Circuits) (This is a lesson I did with my students last year.  The students can look over this document to help them review some of these concepts.)

Apr 20 – Lesson – Basic Logic Gates (continued) (Boolean Expressions) (This is another lesson I did with my students last year.  Once again, the students can look over this document to help them review some of these concepts.)

Apr 20– Boolean Algebra Worksheet (The students are to do this worksheet once they have had a chance to go over the lessons from above.)

Apr 20 – Logic Gates & Boolean Algebra Assignment (The students are to work on this assignment once they have completed the above worksheet.)

Apr 20– Rules of Boolean Algebra (Pages 5 through 10) (The students can read through this document pages 5 to 10 to learn some rules that will help them with the assignment listed above.)

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