RCR1X Credit Recovery – April 29, 2016


Here are the instructions for today’s class:

Noah D. – Since you are finished everything in the course now, you can take time today to finish anything you need to from your other classes.  You can do this if you have anything from your other classes that you need to work on.  If you are finished everything from your other classes, then I would like you to do a little bit of practice working with collecting like terms and solving 1 & 2 step equations.  I have posted a few links below to some worksheets that you can print out and work on today.  Try to be productive.  I will be back on Mon May 2.

Combining Like Terms with Answers

Solving One-Step Equations with Answers

Solving Two-Step Equations with Answers

Alexis R. – I all of the assignments with me so I can’t get them to you.  I thought I would send you some practice on what you were working on in class yesterday related to the linear word problems and graphing as well.  You can try these for extra practice and maybe they will help you understand the concept a little better.  I am posting these links below which you can print off and work on.  The answers are attached so you can check to make sure you are doing things right.  Try to be productive.  I will be back on Mon May 2.

Worksheet Linear Equations (sorry I don’t have answers attached for this worksheet)

Writing Linear Equations with Answers

Dustin C. – You can continue to work on your science class today and finish the quiz if you haven’t done so already.  Check your email and log on to the course to see what work you need to complete today.  I will be back Mon May 2.  Email your teacher directly if you have any questions (rfrederick@office.ldcsb.on.ca).

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Student Instructions for eLearning (If you do not have a paper copy of these instructions then save one to your USB or H: drive so you have it in case you need in to log in at home.)

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