MCV4U – May 25, 2016

There were a number of students away today because of field trips & appointments (E.g. Canada’s Wonderland & Fishing Trip) so I decided to make today a work period.  The students can work and make sure they have finished the homework that I assigned from the last few days related to equations of planes.  The students are responsible for making sure they have the following homework completed before tomorrow’s class:

1.)  Read Pages 441 to 450 and then do page 451 #1 to 9

2.)  Do #1 to 6 from the worksheet titled “More Vector & Parametric Equations of a Plane Questions”

We will have a new lesson tomorrow from section 8.3 Properties of Planes.  I posted a blank copy of the note below.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

More Vector & Parametric Equations of a Plane Questions with Answers (The students are to complete #1 to 6 for homework from this worksheet.)

Equation of Planes Sample Video Lesson (There is a good explanation of how to derive the equation of a plane on this video with I showed the students in class already.   The login is “mts” and the password is “mcv4u”.)

Extra Examples of Equations of Planes (There are 3 examples on this video the students are to watch on their own.  The login is “mts” and the password is “mcv4u”.)

MCV4U – Properties of Planes (blank) (Handout) (This is the handout for tomorrow’s lesson.  Students can look over it ahead of time if they wish.)

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