TEJ3M/TEJ4M – June 9, 2016

I told the grade 11’s (TEJ3M) and 12’s (TEJ4M) that they should now be working on their final projects which will be in the electronics (arduino) unit (worth 30% of their final grade).  I reminded the students that we only had a few more weeks left of class so they really needed to work hard over the next few weeks.  I told the students that haven’t done so already to make a parts list for any parts that we don’t have at school if they need it for their project.  Two things need to be submitted for the final project:  1. commented code; 2. summative report.  I gave the students an example of the summative report (see below).  I will also be taking a video of the working arduino project once the students have completed everything.  The project is to be submitted either on or before June 22, 2016 (last day of classes before exams).  Those students that finish early can work on any unfinished assignments/projects from the course.

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Grade 11 (TEJ3M) & Grade 12 (TEJ4M):

TEJ3M TEJ4M Final Project (arduino) (This is for both the grade 11’s and 12’s to go over.  This is the final project in the course worth 30% of the students’ mark.)

Sample Required Parts List (Here is a sample parts list that a few of my students did for me in the past.  I explained to the students the purpose of the parts list is that if there is anything we do not have in the class and they have already checked and there are additional things that they need, then they can give me a required parts list so that I can try to get the things they need for their final project.)

Sample Summative Report (This is a sample report that a few of my students did in the past.  I told the students 2 things need to be submitted for their final project.  A summative report and their code.  I will also be taking a video of their working final project.)

Sayal Electronics Website (I showed this site to the students.  There is a retail location of this store close by to where I live so I told the students to make a parts list so I can pick up what they need.  I also told them to look at Amazon.ca as well so I can make an order ASAP if they need anything for their final project.)

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