RCR1X Credit Recovery – February 4, 2015

Today was an introduction to the course.  I showed the students the blog and we talked about some of the expectations for the course.  I had mentioned to the students that for the next few days I would be giving them some introductory assignments until I can walk them through the process of working on the LDCSB e-course site (I have a meeting at the board office on Monday February 5 where I will be given these details and then will share them with the students on Tuesday February 6).  I then gave the students 2 handouts which they were to fill out and then hand back to me.  The handouts were titled “Credit Recovery Student Information Sheet” and “Study Skills Self Assessment”.  Once they filled out and handed these sheets back to me, I then gave the students another handout titled “late/missing assignment policies for London District Catholic School board” which I told the students are the policies for late assignments given to us by our school board (LDCSB).

Below you will find a copies of the handouts/worksheets that were distributed/assigned in today’s class.

Credit Recovery Student Information Sheet (The students were to fill this out and then hand it back to me)

Late – Missing Assignment Policy (LDCSB) (handout)

Student Instructions for eLearning (I gave this handout to the students and told them to keep a copy of this for future reference when they start their online course next week.)

Study Skills Self Assessment (The students were to fill this out and then hand it back to me)

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